Creative Characters

Creative Characters - student project

Warm up

Creative Characters - image 1 - student project

Part I: one eyed characters

Creative Characters - image 2 - student project

Part 2: two-headed characters

Creative Characters - image 3 - student project

Part 3: multi-limbed characters

Creative Characters - image 4 - student project

One of my favourite characters was the one-eyed woman.

I scanned it, after I applied a palette I created for and high-end fashion brand for another skillshare class. I enjoyed a lot applying different colours with illustrator (it was my first time with that program, and it was a little messy!)

For me it was very interesting to see what happens when I combined the same colours in a different way. Although for a one-eyed character maybe odd colors like green, blue or orange are the best!

How could I get better with this?

Creative Characters - image 5 - student project

Another character I love was the following:

Creative Characters - image 6 - student project

I love the dog, I think it's a strong character, but the rest of the drawing lacks strength, maybe I should erase the lines that draw the woman's shape, what do you think?

Thanks for the class Judy,