Creative Challenges 1 & 2


Female, approaching 30, chubby, mexican, over-analyzer, clumsy, love food, curious, willing to try new things even if it kills me, designer, geeky, anxious, millennial, sarcastic, procrastinator, sassy.

40 Things Only Clumsy People Would Understand:

1. Dropping food everywhere
2. Stains on your body from mystery places
3. Trip all the time
4. Have awkward coordination
5. Lose at twister
6. Put clothes on backwards or upside-down
7. Fail at opening containers
8. Being disastrous with tools 
9. Misplaced keys all the time
10. Double check on tasks to make sure you did them correctly
11. Fail at tutorials that require physical effort
12. Looking horrible while exercising
13. Break things constantly
14. Checks for shoelaces constantly
15.Being bad at sports
16. Balls, frisbees, hacky-sacks are your worst enemy
17. Mystery bruises all over your body
18. Spilled coffee stains on desk constantly
19. Multitasking fails, can't type and walk at the same time
20. Reaction time delay, not being able to react quickly 
21. Body all over the place in photos
22. Crash on doors, tables, poles, signs.
23. Having to rely on intellectual work instead of doing physical work 
24. Dropping your phone constantly
25. Damaged keyboards from spills
26. Ripped clothes from getting caught on stuff
27. Sports are deadly
28. So much money spent on repairing broken things
30. Hand placement is a struggle
31. Excessive use of force in daily tasks
32. Fail in basic things, like walking
33. Gravity always wins
34. Pick things from the floor, to have them slip of your hands again
35. Being really good at falling, use your hands and move your body to avoid a faceplant
36. Heels? Hell no
38. Don't trust me with your stuff, I am a mess and will drop them all over.
39. Being great at first aid care
40. You can't have anything valuable, you'll just break it.
41. Have to work harder than anyone else to be taken seriously
42. Being constantly babied by SO, siblings, family
43. Knowing your clumsiness will be your cause of death