Creative Challenges 1 & 2 | HVW

My Identities:

1. Curly hair
2. plant-based lifestyle
3. yoga
4. mindfullness
5. creative/designer
6. traveler
7. American expat
8. Londoner
9. Married without children
10. Minimalist
11. Fashion lover
12. Beverage lover
13. Photographer
14. Book lover
15. millenial


40 Things Only an American Expat Will Understand:

1. It takes a lot of time to find where to buy furniture

2. You want to be friends with all the new animal wildlife

3. Opening a bank account is a task of nightmares.

4. Hearing little kids with accents is insanely cute

5. Walking into big department stores fills you with nostalgia

6. Not having a ton of friends is kind of refreshing

7. Making real friends takes time

8. Learning new idioms is confusing

9. Getting lost is fun

10. Local drinking culture is a challenge to adapt to

11. Traveling home is expensive

12. Your desire to visit home may not match your family’s desire to see you

13. Changing jobs can be a challenge

14. People will make fun of how you talk

15. You own a million adapters because all the sockets are different

16. Every day feels like a new adventure

17. until those days when you see a picture of all your old friends hanging out without you

18. When you do finally visit home, it doesn’t quite feel the same

19. After a while, you recognise that moving to a new country has forever changed you and that’s ok

20. Sometime you’ll feel lonely

21. Grocery shopping is a whole new world

22. You compare your new country to your home country a lot

23. You suddenly feel like you can tackle anything

24. You feel both excited and embarrassed when you catch yourself speaking like a local

25. When you finally find your tribe, it’s the best feeling in the world

26. You turn into a friend slut

27. Your sense of self-awareness is heightened

28. “You don’t sound like you’re from [insert new country here]…”

29. Wanderlust now takes over your thoughts

30. The concept of “home”: isn’t what it used to be

31. Hmm… the money seems to have run out. Budget? What budget?

32. That moment you realise how loud Americans really are

33. Realising how American you really are

34. You constantly rave about the awe of train transportation to your American friends

35. Most people assume you’re a tourist

36. You miss having ice in your drinks

37. Adapting to stores closing much earlier on weekdays

38. When you realise you took Target for granted

39. You suddenly swear a lot more, because this new country has better swear words

40. Those moments when the awe of your new country slap you in the face and fill you with pride and joy

Hannah Van Woert
Graphic Designer / Art Director