Creative Catalogue!

Creative Catalogue! - student project

My Creative Catalogue


  • centered, little off
  • diagonal movement
  • storytelling movement
  • focused
  • simple, clean


  • flat
  • abstract
  • dynamic foreground/background relationship
  • slight suggestion of depth


  • imperfect
  • shapes within shapes
  • simplified
  • abstract, obvious


  • variation
  • communication
  • outline, simplification
  • abstract
  • line creating shape


  • saturated
  • 4-10 colors
  • overlapping
  • mixing
  • abstract


  • varied
  • separate objects/components
  • decorative
  • simplified: tools and materials
  • minimal feel

Subject Matter


  • women
  • letters
  • bodies and figures
  • playful
  • abstract
  • honest

Some words that kept coming up across all elements were abstract and simple, so that must be important in my work and perspective!



Test Piece of Art: Flowers Still Life 

Made with gouache paint, crayon, colored pencil. 

This test piece was based off of just one element of art and design: composition. This gave me the opportunity to experiment with that one element and super simple formula:

  • centered (not perfect)
  • focused
  • simple

Creative Catalogue! - image 1 - student project


Final Piece of Art: Greenhouse Garden Castle!

Made with gouache paint, crayon, colored pencil.

This final project allowed me to experiment with multiple elements of art and design to play off of images I collected in my catalogue :)

Creative Catalogue! - image 2 - student project


Based off of a mix of an illustration from my catalogue and a photo I took of a greenhouse

Creative Catalogue! - image 3 - student project

Along with this subject matter, I picked three elements of art and design to focus on: composition, shape, and color. My formula for this piece was:


  • centered
  • storytelling


  • imperfect 
  • shapes within shapes


  • saturated
  • overlapping?


  • playful
  • greenhouse garden castle


I had a lot of fun creating my final work of art and learned that I can make a style of art that I enjoy with a formula of: storytelling, shapes within shapes, saturated and playful. :)

Carolyn Rodgers
Designer, illustrator, color lover!