Creative Brief

Creative Brief - student project

·Story title: Always in me

·Story introduction: Love for me has been always like a magical thing I can see around me but I will never reach, as if it existed but never wanted to be with me. In this book Diana will have her heart broken for fist time, at the age of 17.

·Story description: Diana thought that if she fell in love she would be hurt, because all she could she was relations arguing, she thought relationships had more hurting than pleasing

·Story Blurb and overview:


A seventeen years old girl called Diana had promised herself not to fall in love. She moved to Napa California with her mother, after his father abandoned them, two years earlier and she had finished first year of bachelor. What she didn't know is that on second there would be a new guy in the city..

Story overview

Part one

Diana will affront the fist day of high school, the teacher she has is her favorite, she is very grateful the class was organized in a way that she could sit alone, because her partners are in pairs but they are uneven. Unfortunately on the last minutes of class a new student entered saying he was ordered to go there, he sat beside her and present himself as Kyle. She was very introverted, although she didn't mind what people thought of her, she didn't want to establish personal ties because she was afraid to get hurt, as her mother.

Part two

As Kyle was his partner she had to be a lot of time with him, he was funny and although she didn't ant she started having confidence and felling in love, after two months being most of the time together, they started a relationship, it was perfect, she thought relationships were a disaster always but with him she learned sometimes it's good to have someone by your side helping and loving you.

Part three

Kyle starts to feel bad, he is sick, and when he goes to the doctor they tell him that he has cancer. He has some time left and he use it to be with Diana, when he tells her, her first reaction is to go, far away, wanting to forget him, but then she starts thinking about making his last months the bests of his life, she takes care of him and make him happy until he die. She falls in a great depression and after a month she decides to achieve her dreams as he told her and continue with her life but always with his presence by her side.