Creative Branding : How to make Cinematic Quotes

Creative Branding : How to make Cinematic Quotes - student project

This class is perfect for any person who is interested in making their Social Media Posts stand out more. In this class we focus on making 'Cinematic Quotes' as part of your Branding Strategy.

In this class students will learn:

  • How to come up with a list of quotes to suit their own Bran
  • How to find footage for their quote
  • How to achieve interesting video effects with a couple of apps on their phone
  • How to edit their video footage on their phone and publish it in one of the Social Media channels

The link to my video lesson outline is in here

I've also uploaded my videos for the class. Please check out this link:

I'd appreciate any comments and feedback. I can still change a couple of things if necessary.



Melissa Garlington
Digital Designer