Creative Block Collage

Creative Block  Collage - student project

Hi Everyone

I have created a Collage and edited through  Lightroom and finalized it in Adobe photoshop. It was amazing to see the Texture change and the effect of Gradient. And on top of it the Adobe photoshop modification. 

1. The Eatery was Quiche that I had cooked So I am very proud to share with you all

2. The Inverted image was created when I had sat  down to do my practice of Graphoc illustraton and that led to my inspiration.

3. More of illustration was when I was in a happy mood

4. The Art photo of a flower was through a book that I had read.

5. And lastly, I was in a new Mall enjoying my day out.



Creative Block  Collage - image 1 - student project


Adobe photoshop

Creative Block  Collage - image 2 - student project


Its true to what they say that Lightroom stays the same for Photography unless you edit the picture. Which I did as you can see in my illustration.

Whereas Adobe photoshop you blink and the image is created to a bright picture.

Thank you so much Sophia. You and your class are  amazingly fantastic.


Cheers !!!