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Poz Lang

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Creative Anatomy of a Climby Filmmaker

I was already doing a "day in the life" project for another class, so I chose to do this project on "my creative influences"  I'm a filmmaker, and this project can help potential clients understand what inspires me at a glance.  I may include it with my reel or in the about me section of my wesbite.

I feel like I've only just scratched the surface, and the concept may be too wide, but I hope to narrow it down to just the essentials and organize it well so that it really lets people see the innerworkings of my creative engine.

Story:  The development or history of my storytelling and visual style


What are the artistic influences for my projects (past and current) 

When did I first discover of them?

Which projects have they influenced? 

What percentange of each project was influenced? 

How long was spent on projects (Hours, Days, Years) and how does this reveal my strongest influences?

How have each of the influences waxed and waned over time?

UPDATE: Here's the data I've put together so far 

Here's a breakdown of how many hours (approximate) I've spent per project.

And here are the influences as a percentage of each project.  

My next steps are to figure out how to show both of these graphs as one image that makes far toying with a few sketches but nothing concrete yet. 


Here's the first sketch

So one thing I want to change is the representation of each influence by the size (in hours) of its impression.  I calculated the total hours for each influence on the total hours I've made stuff by adding the percentage of hours for each project.  

Here's one last chart to represent that.  I'm starting to hate excel less...

I'm especially surprised that I was not more influenced by "zombies"

First Rough:

Just slapped my sketch in there so far and started messing around with colors.  



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