Creations - student project

Creations - image 1 - student project

I'm pretty boring when it comes to routines like this, so these are just some of the things that I have that I either use daily (like my face wash) or have when I want to treat myself (all of the other stuff haha).


Creations - image 2 - student project


Tonight was the first night that I actually tore a page out of my notebook because I didn't like it. So this was round two, and I'm really happy I started over! This is the view from my bed, facing forward. 


Creations - image 3 - student project

Today's prompt made me laugh, as I just did a quick trip to the grocery store tonight. My husband and I got a red morph bearded dragon yesterday (still a baby), so we needed some greens for the little one. That made up the majority of my shopping, and getting stuff for my hubby's lunches and some alcohol for my brother. I was too busy with getting my beardie some food that I forgot my own spring mix haha!


Creations - image 4 - student project


There are a lot of different things I do for self-care, but these are some of the most obvious ones that I tend to overlook. And then once I take a shower or listen to music, I feel so much better and wonder why the heck I didn't do it sooner!


Creations - image 5 - student project


This was a weird prompt for me. Like I wrote in my picture, I like function over fashion, and I pretty much wear old tank tops and t-shirts unless at work. I wish I had the inspiration to style my outfits more, but oh well. 


Creations - image 6 - student project


I didn't over-think this one. Just went with the first things that came to mind and tried to fill the space. And yes, my quote on my book says, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" 


Creations - image 7 - student project

I really like how my yoga mat turned out, because at first I was afraid of drawing it! I've really been trying to let go of perfection with this workshop, as I usually obsess over things being "just right" (which usually stops me from trying to draw in the first place!). 


Creations - image 8 - student project

I tend to hang out on my bed and sprawl out, having all of my notebooks and stuff pretty much everywhere (at least when I'm home alone). It tends to be my command central most weekends.


Creations - image 9 - student project


This is an interesting list, seeing as some books I have just recently picked up again, and others I've been reading for quite a while. I have a very huge TBR (to be read) bookshelf, so I've only just started reading multiple books, hoping that I'll at least finish one of them! 


Creations - image 10 - student project


Today was interesting, since I have so many creative mediums with which I use on a weekly basis. I couldn't choose just one, but I did limit it with two colors which I feel helped me stay focused. Plus my camera and my favorite pair of boots are both that color blue!


Creations - image 11 - student project


I was feeling like I hadn't really learned anything lately, and when I said that out loud my husband said, "You've learned you're an introvert, and kind of a hermit, right?" And thus this little guy was born! 


Creations - image 12 - student project


Bought this soundtrack and haven't let myself listen to it because something else always distracts me...So this is a hopeful "currently listening."