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I was inspired by my Friday morning men's bible study. We were talking about the meaning behind the work we do, the families we care for and the projects we take on. In our conversations it all came back to creation and how we were created to create. This was very inspiring and got me thinking about those who build motorcycles, bake bread, work with wood, brew beer, develop a new medicine, start a business or hand letter. No matter what you believe, creating more out of less is what most people live for. My phrase became: 

The Lord Created So That I Could Create

Because this phrase derived out of a men's bible study I wanted to keep the theme of my moodboards more masculine. As I was writing down words for inspiration I kept thinking of guys in a garage tuning up or building an old motorcycle, or a guy in a shed up in Maine somewhere sanding the side of a wooden boat. Therefore I went to classic tool logos and old whiskey labels. I want my project to be something those guys would hang in their shops, kitchens, or studios. I want it to inspire them to keep creating bigger and better things. 

I'm really green when it comes to drawing letters so I think I need to continue on the warmup stage for a bit longer. Here is what I have so far. 

I came up with some different layouts. I was really just trying to get ideas onto paper. I believe they all have positivity aspects but it's still needs some work.


This is the refined sketch that I'm pretty pleased with. The spacing in the middle might be a little off, but I can fix that when I'm tracing. With all the increased popularity in micro brews and home brewing I went with a bit of a beer theme to represent creation and the exploration of new ideas. I added wheat and up top and hops in the middle. These tie in with farming crops as well. I also have a hammer and a pencil in there to help get the point across. 

The final inked drawing.


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