Creating the Habit

Creating the Habit - student project

I love Art.....but.....

So many of your examples, Ria, of why i can't / won't / shouldn't make art have honed true today.

I am determined to make Art part of my daily ritual.

As a Mum of 4 under 7 - I know very well not having the time to make space for my Art. Today i got my son to sit down and join me while i doodled. Although my attention wasn't undivided to the practice - it felt good getting something down on paper.

One of my biggest fears is hating everything i produce. That is the major thing I would like to achieve in partaking in this daily practice. To let go and not worry and find those happy mistakes!! 

I look forward to checking in daily (weekly) during this process. Thank you for your fabulous inspirational video.


Below is my doodle for today. I'm not a huge fan of it...but i'm learning to let that go!!

I do like where i ripped off the corner because it was ugly and behind you see a picture in my notebook from one of my daughters. Children's art is so divine.

Creating the Habit - image 1 - student project

Creating the Habit - image 2 - student project