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Megan Carroll

Surface Pattern & Illustrator.



Creating simple motifs in Illustrator

Originally I was going to do how to make a half drop repeat.  I have a simple and easy way of doing it that is so much different than anything I have read but putting it into a class like structure was hard and I am new to this.... Just like there are so many students who are new to Illustrator I thought I should start with the basics! Hence my new class will be easy and hopefully digestible: I love making motifs and again I have a quick and easy way of doing it that starts of with some simple ways to create them that doesn't cloud your head with a whole bunch of terminology and will give a foundation to build your illustrator skills!

OK....  This is my very basic Outline Thus Far: I think I am straying from my mission which is keep Ai simple and digestible... I may just make Two Quick motifs instead of 3? 


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