Creating new Addresses

Creating new Addresses - student project

Personally, I have found creating new Dash Receiving addresses with every withdraw from Poloniex very useful. I use new names such as the date I withdrew it! When I make new Dash Addresses using the Dash Core Wallet on Mac I go to

File > Receiving Addresses > New > Label (name) > Create

I have about 16 recieving addresses. You can always use others that you have created before, if it matches the Label :)

Also, When Jerry demonstrated opening the wallet for the first time it took a long time. I would recommend opening your wallet at least one daily in order for your wallet to stay up to sync with the network!

Lastly one suggesting is to check out what is going on in the dash world such as the Dash integration to buy dash with Cash! As well as MANY other great projects like Jerry's! 

It is also to read the forums on a weekly basis to see what the community is saying!

Have a great one Dash community,