Creating mood

Hi, everyone!

Thank you, Marcelo, for interesting ideas of editing photos. Your pics are excellent!

I'd like to share two of my photos with editing.

The first one I captured because I liked how the sun was illuminating trees on a background and the same time trees on a foreground were leaving in the darkness. When I edited it I followed Marcelo's advices and made the preferences like: highlights -100, shadows +100, whites +60, blacks -14, add a little bit contrast and vibrance. I didn't use the split toning, cause I actually don't understand how to choose a "right" color. But I tried to add a grain. I called this mood as the hope for happiness in the future. :-) Hope I got not so bad result :-)


On the second photo I tried to work with black and white. I used extremly high contrast, almost the same preferenses for blacks, whites etc, more clarity and grain.


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