Creating living, breathing ‘real’ characters and tell their story

Join Dianna Sandora for step-by-step instruction on how to breathe life into the dry bones that form your characters!  In this xx minute class you will:

  • It’s Alive
    • Meet your creation
    • Determine the role he/she will play in the narrative.
    • Protagonist, antagonist or secondary character
    • Remember each one is the star in their life
    • Cast your character
    • If this were a movie who would play him/her?
  • Where are you going, where have you been?
    • Character genesis
    • How did he/she come to this time and place?
    • Everyone wants something
    • What does he/she want?
    • Why?
  • What got you here, needs to get you there.
    • Character Arc- where has he/she been and where is he/she going?
    • Will your characters dreams come true?
    • What choices will he make?
    • How will the conflicting or common desires impact the lives of others in the story creating high stakes?

As a creative, it is certain you have an idea of the story you want to tell, but is that the same story your character needs you to tell? In this class, you will meet your character on his or her terms. You will learn things you may not have known if you hadn’t taken the time to listen to his or her side of the story

Class project:


 Quite a Character

  • Introduce your character
    • Use detailed steps provided to show:
    • Who he or she is…
    • How he or she drives the plot...


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