Creating life habits that naturally enable a healthier lifestyle

My current focus is to create 2 very specifc habits that will enable me to more naturally make health and fitness a normal part of my life.  I call them "cascading habits" (or maybe "domino habits"), because once I start doing those things, the other habits I want to create will; very naturally fall into place.

My biggest vices at the moment that are hampering my progress are:
1. My snooze button:  Seriously, sometimes up to an hour and a half after my alarm goes off the first time, and I'm sometimes late to work as a result.  To make up my 8 hours? I shorten my lunch break and eat at my desk.
2. My refusal to cook: in the last 12 months my trackable food expenses were $1,300 in groceries...and $1893 in food out, including $900 in fast food!  That's not including any fast food I bought with cash, which was frequent.  The ratio is ridiculous!!!  

While most of the world would look at me and think I look healthy (I get people asking me all the time what my secret "diet" is, or how often I go to the gym), the truth is that I'm still a skinnyfat who eats way too much garbage and can't be bothered to drag herself out of bed in the morning to get breakfast and exercise. Thjat's not who I want to be.

In 2013 I will become the type of person who gets up when the alarm goes off, is always on time, never misses a workout, and cooks one heck of a meal.

Cascading habit 1:

Get up when my alarm goes off.

Cascading habit enables:
Morning workout
Get to work on time =  Full lunch hour  = 30 min lunchtime walk (and still time to eat)

Cascading habit 2:
Cook my own meals

Cascading habit enables:
Healthier food = greater energy
Food is available at lunch so I don't need to waste time getting food (lunchtime walk!)
Saves $ -> can be used for other fun things (travel is more fun than McDonald's cheeseburgers)

The workout part:

General fitness goals:
30 minutes dedicated to movement (of some kind) every day (walking/stretching/gentle yoga).
3 days a week (minimum) of planned workouts (strength training/running/yoga class)
Daily meditation practice
Pick up outdoor running again as soon as lighting is safe to do so (early spring)

Specific fitness goals:
Beat my 2012 Warrior Dash time (just under 1 hour) Rawr!


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