Sandra Connelly

Watercolor Artist



Creating color palette and using it in your own artwork

I didn't feel too comfortable using another artists painting therefore I selected one of my own photos. I choose this one because of the colors:



Next I pixelated it:


Still so many colors to choose but decided on these two color schemes:



But looking at them I didn't really like it, I wanted to create something more colorful so I saturated some of them:



 I decided to go with the first color palette on the second sheet and I tried sticking to the colors as much as possible. But I ended up having different values of the violet (mixed it with the light blue), a lighter value (thanks to your class I say value now instead of shades;)) of the green and added some black/grey to my painting. Here is the final result:


Thank you for your great class. Especially your in-depth look gave me new insights! 



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