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Creating and Committing Myself to a Sustainable Habit...

My sustainable habit I am working on is organization. Yes, I am organized in terms of remembering obligations. However, I have strong convictions that I can find things for example clothing, and my art supplies this will lead to more time relegated to other tasks. I have included my bead board above as an example of my current system: leaving out supplies and throwingthem on my bead board. The result thread gets tangled and my beads and findings are haphazardly everywhere!

Keystone Habit: Instead of trying to tackle all of my organization in one day. I will start small hanging my coat up and my clothing I wear to work. For m creative space, I swill start organizing my bead board section by section: categorizing the beads, and findings and leaving my necklace measure area clear of debris so I can lay out designs.

Negative triggers: exhausted after work, making dinner throwing my coat and bag over a chair and my clothing over a rolling rack. When I am frustrated with a project throwing the broken wire or thread on the table to the side.

Trigger towards positive bahvior habbit: having a waste basket or recycling bin by my workspace to automatically throw scraps in etc.

So far: I still threw my coat on my ottoman. However, when I was working on this bracelet for my design class, I threw my scraps in a bin. Small steps...

Ratification of my Habit: Tiago notes that hanging clothes up is too literal and simple of a task. In order to make progress I need to create an organizing system and make it very incovnenient for me to throw clothing on my ottoman. For the holiday season, my parents have offered to assist me with purchasing a closet system. However, (negative triggers) have been procrastinating in checking with the property manager if I may install one.

To facilitate meeting my organizational goals, I need to commit to reasearching a closet system ie checking Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond etc. and doing an organized search comparing with what each retailer has to offer will fit with my lifestyle and personality.


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