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Creating an event poster & reinventing the GUM

I added the Reinventing the gum project at the end, just because i did not find the button to start a second project....just scroll down to see the additional project.

This is my first project ever on Skillshare although I have started 12 classes already (I have it running in the background and listen to the voice when I do trivial tasks).
The project is finished and it is one of the better documented ones. It is original, I can talk about it and it does not potentially overlap with other projects I am going to submit in skillshare.

1. Inspiration

The inspiration came from the necessity to create a poster for an annual party of innovative Custom Motorbike Builders from all over German, called Custom Cycle Crew.

These guys are pushing custom bike building, because they build them for themselves without pressure from clients.

It is a given theme: camping, barbecue, booze, music, friends, crazy motorcycles...
It is hard to reinvent the wheel over and over again - therefore i looked for other inspiration: the latest handlettering fad, race posters...

As the latest trend is to cover the bike parts in metal flake paint, i thought about referencing the 70's in the picture - as a child of the 70's it also include a mobile :)

2. Ideation
Sorry for the mindpmap being in German. 

A mind map helped me to put everything on paper and get it sorted. Thankfully i was locked in a traffic jam for 2 hrs and had the time to not only do the ideation but also move directly to the Drafting stage

3. Drafting

These were quick ideas, sketched without reference, sitting in the car with the sketchbook on my lap (hope i will fill it up soon - it is too big to carry around...). 

4. Incubation

The ideas lingered in my head for a long time and started to become clearer - but they were just in my head, not yet on paper.
Putting them on paper early frees your mind and helps with the next steps (ideation, drafting, refining)
This is something I will defintely do in future projects (thanks to attending a few skillshare classes this concept became much clearer to me and i was able to feel the difference). 

5. Execution

Perhaps you could call the 'sketching the ideas out' the EXECUTION already. Certainly there were a few more challenges during the rendering stage, as my friends choose obviously the most complicated version and added 'a few' things.

6. Delivering

Abigail's proposed steps are an abstraction and it is up to the individual to name different parts of their process accordingly. Others would have perhaps included the final rendering in the execution stage, but for a commericial product, i think the 'creative' part is done when the sketch is sent off to the client for approval. The rest is DELIVERING (however as mentioned above by altering the brief during the production stage, I needed to be creative when fitting everthing to the agreed format). 

Final poster for the party. 

Inked in Manga Studio, Logo hand drawn and finalized in Illustrator 10
It is not perfect and I would like to change a lot of things already - but I will save it for the next project. :)

Hopefully this write up was useful not only for me ( i just do not have the time to do a project for every class I attend - too much good stuff here).
Please excuse the typos - I was not able to use the google auto correction (ignorrant Germans)

Project 2: Reinventing the GUM

Below you can find the Mindmaa I created for the GUM Assignment. 

I think this was a great example to stretch my creative muscle in a direction i was not thinking about before. I took exactly 15 minutes to write down my thoughts (although i had some of them lingering in my head for 2 days already) which i wanted to END UP BEING metaphors of human interactions (based on the earlier post from @Sheila)...

some of the ideas did not go further. i like the flexible/active vs. static/dead analogy as well as the various shapes the gum could assume....

My possible solutions for (chewing) gum to be used in a different way:

1. become a container for purified air (buble shape, hardens when not getting chewed) to be consumed later

2. send a loveletter to your beloved one via a chewing gum bubble containing yourfresh (!) breath 

3. gum could easily be a metaphor for anything related to relationship and communication: you need to work on it if you want things moving and fleixbile and alive..otherwise it becomes static and 'dead'

4. a chewing gum is the equivalent of your skillset - work it for a while to enjoy most of it. a little step overtime is a better experience than working on your skills in an concentrated effort (like the chewing gums becomes hard to chew after a while)....

I think this will conclude this class and project for me. I want to put some time into the Illustration projects that i have signed up for :)


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