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Thomas Christian Bräuhäuser

i am a chef, the owner & founder of ART.FLAVOUR



Creating a logo for my company ART.FLAVOUR/ next step

Hi everybody, these are my next steps to finding a logo for my company. I ike the idea of working with colour, but I am kind of stuck with how to actually balance the name ART.FLAVOUR. If I don't use it as one word, it feels like it looses its meaning. I am open to any idea and critics, and would be very thankful for your input.

next step

Work  in progress. Just uploaded and already some other ideas.


I am Thomas and I work as a freelance chef in Berlin; which includes home cooking, designing food concepts for show openings in galleries and other art places. I am also offering private cooking classes and run a monthly studio dinner series.

As you can see on my website so far there only exists a typed company name, which I like to develop into a nice logo.

first scetches


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