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Creating a cronut

To create a new recipe that incorporates both the plusses of the donut and the croissant, you must ask yourself:

1. What are the two most popular and most craved snacks? (Donuts and croissants).

2. What people like these? (Presumably, people who like something heavier like donuts, and people who like lighter snacks like croissants)

3. Is there a way to have a product that both of these types of people will like? What is a donut missing? What is a croissant missing? (Perhaps a donut is at times too heavy; perhaps a croissant is at times too bland.)

So if we put them together, we might get something that has both of their good sides and none of the bad ones. We double our fans as well, because all those people who like donuts and croissants might like them too.


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