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Creating a Video: A process from beginning to end

Hey everyone,

I'm really looking forward to having my own class on here, after learning so much from the amazing teachers that are already on Skillshare.

I've decided for my project I am going to walk students through the process of creating a video. Soemthign that I feel can be quite tricky to nail and get right. The class project will be to create a 10 second video, this can be an animation or video footage and they will do this by following the process taught within the class. I will be walking them through the whole process of:

  1. Creating a concept for their
  2. Moodboarding, getting a general idea of how they want there video to look.
  3. Scripting (optional)
  4. Early Storyboarding, quick sketches.
  5. Final Storyboard.
  6. Convert still into motion 
  7. Finally a video

Got some great ideas for this.

Update #1: Class Outline

So I've been busy thinking and noting about how this class can work and I have finally finished my class outline. I've kept it fairly simple and to the point, I will later flesh it out and develop as I go.

Here's my outline:

Update #3: Storyboarding and Script Writing


Currently writing my script for the intro video of my class. Decided I would record myself speaking to get a feel for my voice and how it sounds. God I sound boring, need to work on my voice acting aha. Start filming tomorrow. Exciting!

Update #4: Draft Intro video

So here is my very very rough draft intro video, which I've had to quickly do, due to some late night work and lots of traveling! I have planned to get this done tommorow in the design studio I work in and that was in the earliest, but this will do as a starting point. I look a little messy as I've just come from a 4 hour train ride! Enjoy.

So my project is now live here:

I want to add a little more to it soon, but hope you enjoy it.

Its currently pending, so hopefully i make the deadline!

Quick update

I'm currently thinking of way to improve my class and recording new footage later this month. Thinking of how I can better the project and more out of it for the students.

I've got 21 students right now which is amazing! Really looking forward to seeing people projects.

More to come soon!

Feedback is so helpful, thanks everyone!


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