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Creating a Vector Woodgrain Texture

••• 8/30/18 — Creating a new class about vector woodgrain! •••

Hello, everyone! :) I'm a current Skillshare teacher who taught my first 2 classes a few years ago.

I'm back here, in this challenge, because I've been wanting to make a new class for years, but I've either been discouraged or have allowed other things to get in the way. But I do know that these Teacher Challenges are very positive and encouraging and they helped me get my 1st two classes published!

So, I'm back for the support and to support others in their journey as well.

If you'd like to see what classes I've taught in the past, please check them out here:



••• 12/18/16 — Update: Written Tutorial! •••


Hello everyone, I recently created a written tutorial and published it on the tutorials page. This is my first tutorial on Skillshare and it is a short step-by-step demo on how to create a grainy texture with a custom vignette in Photoshop.

This tutorial does not require/include any downloads or external resources because it is all created in Photoshop. It's fast, easy, and can be used in many ways for your illustrations. Check it out: Create a Grainy Texture with a Vignette (a Photoshop Tutorial)

This tutorial was written to share some Photoshop tips & tricks, as well as, stay connected with my students in between classes. I hope you'll check out this quick read and enjoy!



My newest class, Digital Illustration Basics: Painterly, will be part of a digital illustration series (which can be taken in any order or stand alone individually). This class is FREE (for who knows how long—maybe forever).

This class teaches how to easily paint digitally, using Adobe Photoshop. I even share a quick run-through of my iPad + Apple Pencil painting process using two apps: Adobe Sketch and Procreate.

This took me longer than expected to produce because of my mic issues, but I have a new one on the way and I believe it will make things a lot smoother in the future!

Anyway, I can't wait to hear what you guys think of my new class. It's FREE for ALL, so please enroll and check it out! Thank you. I'll see you again for my next class.


••• PUBLISHED! •••

I'm so excited that I published my very first Skillshare class!
All Lettering Lovers, please enroll here: 


As for the free link:
Free for 2 weeks or until all 25 spots are taken! ^_^

••• Video Lesson Preview •••

Hello classmates,

I just uploaded a lesson video from my course, where I talk about the tools you'll need for this class. I've been learning a lot from creating and editing an online class. I'm still very excited and grateful for this opportunity.

If you're interested, please watch and comment. I tried to keep it pretty short (which you may be able to tell from the speedy talking and edit). It's just under 4 minutes! Enjoy! :)

••• Welcome Intro Video | Audio-Edit •••

Hello classmates, here is my updated intro video for Photoshop Lettering. I also made some other clean-up edits (which you'll notice by comparing it to the previous video). I also have been working on re-recording the intro audio. It's so hard for me to record my voice and accept the way it sounds because I am not a public-speaker—nor do I have much practice speaking aloud in front of others. Now I regret skipping that Public Speaking class in college! :) Anyway, I hope you'll agree that the voice-audio is an improvement from my last draft. Enjoy!

P.S. I just wanted to try this music-only option to see what you all thought…please comment below.

Photoshop Lettering Intro video (Music Only)

••• Welcome Intro Video •••

Hello classmates. 

I finally uploaded my Welcome/Intro video to YouTube. I would appreciate any helpful feedback—this is my first time doing something like this. I've been fighting back nerves ever since I decided to create an online class, but I'm happy I have the Intro video here to share with you all. =) 

••• Milestone 1 •••

Hello All. :)
I'm excited to be creating my very first Skillshare class. I'm not new to lettering anymore, however I am new to teaching online—which seems to be a bit daunting. But I shall overcome this tiny fear!

My class topic isPhotoshop Lettering: Modern Script

About this class:
Follow along with the video lessons and learn how to create your own unique lettering piece using Adobe Photoshop. Learn how to create a helpful lettering guide, as well as a Photoshop hand-lettering brush & eraser. You will also be able to pick up some time-saving Photoshop shortcuts as you watch me create lettering from start to finish.

Together, we will explore and apply the elements of modern scripts that we see in current calligraphy, brush lettering, & type design. This class is packed with lots of useful letterform tips to help you style your script lettering.

BONUS: As a bonus, this class includes a video about how I vectorize my lettering while keeping the same ink-to-paper, hand-lettered look. (This portion is optional and does not need to be included as part of the class project.)

. . .

I’m happy to be able to teach other Lettering-Lovers some helpful techniques for drawing stylized words to create unique lettering pieces in programs such as Adobe Photoshop. I use these techniques in my work, whether I'm at my day job or creating a personal piece.

I would say this class is perfect for beginners, but also well suited for intermediate Letterers. I believe that no matter what skill-level you are at with lettering, this class will help you enhance your current lettering skills or practices.

To show that the techniques I'll be teaching aren't limited to Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom tablet, I've included some of my lettering using other apps and devices.

. . .

Here's a lettering piece I created in Adobe Photoshop CC. It's so much fun to "get in the zone" and create digital lettering. I love it.


Below is an image I made using the Adobe Photoshop Sketch App (on an iPad). This is related because it shows part of the "clean-up".


Below is an image of 3 Valentines Day cards I created with pencil, but digitized, cleaned up, vectorized, and colorized using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

I show these examples because during projects such as these, I learned some techniques that helped me get better and move things along faster. The more you know (and the more you practice), the better. :)


The next image is a quick lettering doodle that I created using Procreate app. My class will be able to be used with a Wacom Cintiq (and Photoshop), a Surface Book laptop or Surface Pro tablet, an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and apps like Adobe Sketch or Procreate, and with an app called AstroPad (which turns your iPad into a drawing tablet for your Mac). See the start to finish time-lapse here.


••• Milestone 2 •••

Hello classmates,
Here's a link to my video lessons outline: Photoshop Lettering Video Outline 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment. :) Thanks!


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