Creating a System that Works

Creating a System that Works - student project


Took awhile for me to get started on this workshop but I buckled down and got to it. Created two different task management system, one for my phone (Microsoft To-Do) and one for my desktop (Todoist). Each caters to two different areas, the desktop system is for work and the one on my phone is for shopping lists and personal matters.


As for my calendar, I prefer using my bullet journal as I remember things better by just flipping through my book so that makes things simpler for me. I refer to it every morning and night to ensure that I'm not forgetting anything.


As for note-taking, I opened my abandoned Evernote program and started categorizing everything and had it sync with my phone so that I can constantly note down things that are important. I started creating a single note that I have everything that I need to note down in a day and at the end of the day, I split the notes up into the categories where it belongs to.


While for file management, I had to open up my dusty Dropbox and sort out the files in there! I will be taking the time to sort out my digital files as it will be taking me awhile to be done with that as I have so much to sort out. PSD, RAW, AE files and the likes, it's going to be the bulk of my time spent in this whole organizing but I'm looking forward to getting my stuff together for a more productive year!


I'm also working on getting everything in my email sorted out, adding labels and creating folders for these emails to go into. Thank you for this series as it is really helping me get everything in my life together!