Creating a Super-Health Community..

I'm a 22 year old business and finance graduate from Sheffield (Yawn)

Having worked in a retail environment for 5 months I became very dissatisfied and dejected! There was no passion and people were grumpy and never seemed to be enthusiastic about anything! My diagnosis? BAD DIET + SEDENTARY LIFE = ZOMBIE.. So I decided to run from these zombies.. but not in the game (my mum will get this), in real life! So... now I'm unemployed and looking for work in the community promoting health and wellness.

I take a pretty holistic view of health and fitness, I'm just into anything I can enjoy myself doing! My main focuses are diet (kinda slip into the paleo category here but I do eat the occasional grain here and there and my diet focuses on plants, fruits, nuts and seeds. I also love practical exercise (playing, walking and exploring nature in the process, taking opportunities to walk up a hill or stairs vs. a lift, and general good fun!) I am also a bit of a gym monkey (Olympic lifting and kettlebells are my two focuses but I also love to experiment with TRX and bodyweight exercises. I'm a keen walker, rower, rock climber and swimmer and it would be great to collaborate on peoples views on cardio frequency as I normally stick to short 20-30 minute interval bursts (some debate on this I know!) Finally I LOVE yoga.. I believe that yoga is for real men!! Balanced muscles = Strong muscles.. and I love to meditate as I think it can dramatically improve your general experience of life and simplify a pretty hectic world!

I am also putting together some mind maps for what I call the information diet/Brain gym that I am going to put on the blog I've started to construct in conjunction with this move towards generated a 'super-health community'. (I fall into the fitness geek category on this one, I love reading: Reading is for the mind what exercise is for the body!') I believe the mental side of training is just as important as the physical and I go with the 3 E's and 3 P's philosophy: Explore, Experience, ENJOY with Passion and Patience ultimately striving for Perfection (Unattainable I know but why not enjoy trying?) easily remembered as DEEEPPP learning inner and outer.. I feel this can be applied to anything in life! I'm also toying with the idea of trying to create a small start up promoting green juices and smoothies in schools and to young professionals to encourage good diet habits this is a work in progress but any advice would be HUGELY appreciated!!

So this group is essentially targetting how we spread health and well-being throughout the community, without preaching, how can we offer great solid health advice for all-round LIFE? I am pretty new to this game but I have been hugely passionate about health and fitness for the last 3 years and I'm incredibly excited about the potential opportunities to get to be a teacher and a student!! I don't really have a specific focus I like to try and include everything in my practice, if you're similar then let's collaborate!

My blog if anyone is interested is: http://youarewe.wordpress.com/ (Again this is a work in progress any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. Just trying to share useful information and a just remove focus on one area and look at all the great stuff there is to do in life!!)



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