Creating a Scene

Creating a Scene - student project

Original: Standing in a hallway.


Standing motionless, the protagonist gaped at the luxury. Her wide-eyed gaze followed the rays of sunshine as they beamed onto the arms of multiple expensive sofas, the antique coffee tables, and the single cold marble fireplace. At the end of the hall, beyond the luxurious drapes and vase-laden pedestal, leaves danced and swayed, tickled by the wind's invisible fingers, teasing out several orange-breasted robins that twittered happily as they fluttered out of sight.
"Holy crap," the protagonist muttered in almost a whisper. Even still, her voice carried through the vast entranceway, her medium alto echoing off the cream-colored walls that were tall enough for a giant's use. "Is that real gold?" Her hand ran down the wall molding with a tentative touch. "And are those real diamonds?" she added, her eyes turning upwards towards the overhead chandeliers.

Her feet padded comfortably against the plush runners, her attention drawn onto the large framed portraits hung on the walls until she reached the end of the corridor and met chilled marble. The change in temperature shocked her sense of touch enough for her to step back and look down. Jeez, even the floor oozed money.