Creating a Killer Routine

What and Why you want to make a morning routine.
In Bold: Important
Underlined: Must be this length of time.

23:00 - n/a - Bed time
07:00 - n/a - Wake time
07:00-07:15 - 15 mins - Get Up/Coffee
07:15-07:30 - 15 mins - Breakfast/News/Family
07:30-08:00 - 30 mins - Walking the Dog
08:00-08:05 - 5 mins - Coffee
08:05-08:30 - 25 mins - Meditation
08:30-08:45 - 15 mins - Social Media/Personal Emails
08:45-09:30 - 45 mins - Exercise (Based on Fitness Plan)
09:30-09:45 - 15 mins - Get Ready/Wash
09:45-10:00 - 30 mins - Flexibility Time
10:00 - n/a - Work

Why: I want to do this because most days I find myself lacking in motivation. I cannot get things done because I don't do anything in the morning, and then start late, which makes me stop working late too. I lack the time for socialising, having a morning routine will hopefully allow me to get some of those things done, and keep the momentum flowing so then I can relax earlier in the evening.



Creating a Routine
Establishing a morning routine will enable you to work towards goals by getting more discipline, and more work done.

Know Your Why
Understanding why you want to do it will allow you to stick to it, and to be motivated by it. In turn, this will make it more productive and useful.

My reasons for creating a killer routine is to be more organised; I am too lazy in the morning and don’t do anything worthwhile. I want to change this.

Breaking the Routine
Having flexibility is useful for life circumstances. Making the routine set does not allow this. Adaptability makes for a good routine. If waking late, reduce time on activities. It is okay to cancel or change, just stick to the essentials. Breaking habits is okay, as long as you start again. 

Reducing Choices
Having choices takes decision making and time to do so; eliminating the choices frees up space in the mind to focus on what matters. This reduces stress and fatigue. 

Getting the Family On Board
Telling people why you’re making changes can bring more support, to drive you on or to make sure you’re on track. If they understand why you’re doing it then they can help to make sure you do it.

Pitfalls to Avoid
It is recommended to include exercise and meditation in the morning routine, for at least a minute of each. Doing so will improve fitness and health. Too many choices will falter the opportunity to do this. The order of the routine is imperative; it is useful to think about location to make the routine effective and make sense, systematic and streamlined. Keep off social media until afterwards. It is a vortex.

Sean Conway
Creative Storyteller