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Creating Two-Toned Text Birthday Card in Illustrator

Class Description:

Have you ever wondered how two tone text is created in Illustrator? Let's create a greeting card from template to finished card, ready for printing! Using the word BIRTHDAY, we will use two fun colors and give a bright, fun wow factor to your card. Your choice of font and colors determines the final look and feel of your card. You will see examples of different card occasions where you can use this technique for a very effective card.

This is geared to both people with limited knowledge in Illustrator, and if you are advanced, you will learn some new tips and tricks that can be used on any design project. I will walk you step by step through the process so if you are a beginner, you will still be able to do the project. 

Join me as we work from template to finished card ready to send! I love to see students' work, and how little differences in color, size and variation can make a big difference in the final project! I can't wait to see what you made, so be sure and upload it to the gallery so I can comment!

Project Title:  Two Toned Birthday Text Card

For your final project, you will make a digital birthday greeting card with two-toned font on the front. Feel free to use the template provided in the resources, or make your own.  Feel free to make a card just like mine, or add variation in color, scale, wording and font. 

My Skillshare Class Video Outline

1) Introduction - Spark Slide show, 2 minutes.  Key concepts will be to give a brief overview and show examples of different cards I made with this technique pointing out the change in word, font and color change the feel of the card to suit the occasion.

2) Make a 5 x 7 card template - with a screencast - 2 min

3) Create front with a bold text simple text and two toned background. 2 min. 

4) Add the second color to the text. Outline the font, duplicate the word, and show how to change half. 6 min. 

5) Complete the front text with the word Birthday under it in a contrasting font. 4 min.

7) BONUS:  Set up template for printing adding your logo or name to the back of the card. 


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