Creating The Habit

Creating The Habit - student project

If every great story starts somewhere I suppose it might as well start here. This is our back room. It sucks. But I sense great potential in it, potential I am determined to unlock. I love the flow of light from the window and for some reason, the few plants sitting on the shelf give it a kind of comfort for me despite the mess. Though the room's disarray is the product of 3 very happy first years of marriage to my wife, managing everything kept in this room has proven a serious challenge. 

Art supplies, clothes, unused wedding gifts, old video games and more art supplies. These dominate a lot of the space but I think I can rearrange them so that I can write comfortable here. I have several small, foldable lunch tables which I think I can use as a makeshift desk to hold my laptop as well as a glass of water, a snack, and a bluetooth speaker so I can to the calming yet intense sounds of Explosions In The Sky. (look 'em up, they're great!)

I'll update the project as the changes come along. This is where the fun begins.

Jose Gomez
Professional procrastinator.