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Creating The Daily Discipline Habit: How to Master any Skill in 90 Days or Less

The Daily Discipline Habit

How to Master any Skill in 90 Days or Less

Hi, my name is Barry Napier, I'm at 39 year old Entrepreuner, Business Leader, and Master Coach. Over the last 8 years I've logged over 12,000 hours coaching in thousands of coaching relationships around the world.

The number one way I help my clients is building what I call the 'Master Habit' of Daily Discipline. This simple, yet transformational habit has helped people quit smoking, lose weight, save relationships, launch careers, start businesses, make money, restore families, get promotions, find love, and improve health.

What I will teach you in this class can be applied to any area of your life IF...and this is a big IF...IF you are willing to focus, follow my specific instructions, and give the process at least 30 days.

10 years ago I didn't know anything about Daily Discipline or building habits, I was a newly promoted manager at a major fortune 100 company and I was getting my butt kicked.

Overwhelmed with projects, deliverables, teams to manage, competeing priorities, my personal life was a mess, I was overweight, and I knew that I needed help.

It's said, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." That was certainly true in my case when I randomly got introduced to the man that would become my coach, my mentor, and ultimately a business partner in a wildly successful consulting firm.

It was from him that I learned the secret to getting almost anything in life, why most people fail to get what they really want, and how to turn build a succes autopilot in any area of your life.

In this class, I will teach you everything I've learned from my mentor, plus the key insights I've gleaned from 12,000 hours spent helping people from every walk of life. 

I'm incredibly excited to share this training with the world, up until this point only clients with thousands of dollars to invest in coaching had access to this training. But here on Skillshare you can learn how to dramatically accelerate your learning, application, and benefit from the classes you are taking.

Here's the outline of what we'll be covering:

  1. Daily Discipline: what is discipline and why do you need it?
  2. Habits: an overview of habits and how they affect your life
  3. Establishing New Habits: the neuroscience behind habits and practical application
  4. Overcoming Bad Habits: ways to overcome limiting habits like procrastination or emotional eating
  5. Building the Daily Discipline Habit: establishing a daily focus
  6. Choosing Your Focus: how to pick what matters most and accelerate your results
  7. The Three Pillars of Daily Discipline: think, ask, act
  8. Journaling: how to journal using pen and paper or a digital journal
  9. Daily Actions: how to maximize your productivity and progress each day
  10. Two Week Focus: how to establish your initial daily discipline habit
  11. Emotional Landscape: understand and cope with emotions like doubt, motivation, and boredom
  12. Putting It All Together: how to get a strong start and maintain focus for 30, 60, 90 days and beyond


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