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Creating Space, Cultivating Gentleness

For as long as I can remember, I have begun my day in a rush. And no matter how much time I have, I always seem to get out the door late. Taking this class, I realized that I have never actually planned out how much time my ideal morning routine would take.

Doing so has given me the motivation to get up earlier, and the peace and presence of mind that comes with knowing that I do, actually have enough time. Writing it out has helped me to progress from one activity to the next without lag time. It has given me purpose, such that I no longer find myself scrolling through social media, letting my mind wander aimlessly, or feeling like I want to just crawl back in bed.

I used to always wake up with the sun, but now I have come to enjoy rising while it is still dark and watching the sun rise while I practice yoga outside.

My Primary Focus: Connect and center my mind, body, and soul at the start of my day. Transform a panicked demeanor into an abiding gentle and peaceful spirit. 

My Schedule: 

5:30 AM: Wake up, make bed, bathroom, brush teeth, drink water
5:45 AM: Yoga outside
6:15 AM: Shower, get dressed
6:45 AM: Make breakfast and coffee
7.00 AM: Sit outside to eat, read Bible, journal, read the daily Skimm
7:30 AM: Hair, makeup
7:55 AM: Leave for work


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