Creating Shimmer Paints

Creating Shimmer Paints - student project

Thanks for all this great information!

I use youtube to help market my online classes. Many are "how too" and others are previews of classes. I use my Iphone, Mac for edits, and a Blue Yeti Microphone. I did purchase a ring light recently, and I really should use it more often.

I've been learning so much about Youtube, filming, Edits etc and everyday I'm still learning how to change things up. (My creative side gets my brain going in all directions so sometimes it's hard to focus!) ;) 

I've added my latest Class Preview video. It's a bit different type of video since it more promotional than my art projects. 

Any tips or recommendations are welcome and appreciated. 

Thanks again Storm! 

Kellie Chasse
Artist/Instructor ✅ 16+ Years