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Creating Personalized Art With Spray Paint

Hi! I'm excited about posting a class on SkillShare and hope I can do a good job with it! I'm a crafter, and my class will detail how to make your own stencils from photographs and use them to create canvas art for your home, to give as gifts or to sell.

I was an art major in college, but began to lose significant amounts of my vision during that time period. I realized that a career in art was probably not in my  future (a no-brainer) but still love to create in ways that might be a little different from others, but allow me to make something beautiful. The stencils are a bit of a challenge for me, as they can be so detail oriented, unlike the 'junk' stencils you purchase at the store. I use a Closed Circuit TV and precision scissors to get the look I want, then spray paint to create my canvas art. It's inexpensive, it's (mostly) easy and I feel a lot of accomplishment when I create and then sell a piece. They usually only take anywhere from afternoon or a couple of days.

I wanted something fairly easy that packed a bang when the creative process was completed. These pieces of art are as individualized as the creator, and they're fun and easy to do.

So ... that's my class!


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