Creating My Reality & Sharing My Experiences

Creating My Reality & Sharing My Experiences - student project

I believe my purpose in life is to unlock the potential within, and hopefully inspire others in this world to do the same. We are all destined to wonderful things during our time here, and I find myself immersed in the process of self-discovery and self-development. I am inspired by the diverse world we live in, and the creativity that fills our world with life. I love speaking about manifestation, law of attraction, mindfulness, positivity, while simultaneously capturing moments of my life. I created a Youtube Channel (@Yessicita) to document my thoughts, experiences, and perspectives. I am still figuring it all out, but this class helped me and i am looking forward to the implementation of knowledge in my future work. His youtube videos really inspire me, educated me, and make me think. I appreciate your work, and the ways in which you have inspired me to take the road less traveled.

I wish you all to achieve the life you've always dreamt of. Peace and blessings, best of luck to you xx