Creating My Personal Brand

Creating My Personal Brand - student project

Belief:  I believe the world is a better place when there is diversity, creativity and empowerment for all.

Mission: Help other find the place it the STEM  and Art fields. 


- Build a website for newbie developers offer tips, how to, and plain networking. Team work makes the dream work.

- Build a website for my mixed media art. About time to let fear hold me back. Using the site to help others believe in themselves.

- Use social media platforms to promote

   - gender and race equality and diversity.

  - Add Art to STEM. After all it is imagination and creativity the started most of the inventions we have. Let's go full STEAM ahead to build a better world.

- to help empower people to find and follow their life dreams. Gender, ethnic  or financial backgrounds or any other human placed roadblocks should not hinder progress. Took me fifty year to figure that out. I want to help other build the self confidence I am just starting to find.


Character Importance:

List to hard to narrow down but 1, 2 and 3 remains the same and I cheat by using more than one together. But for my personal brand and my so to be companies' brand this  is the right character.

1. Love and Happiness especially loving yourself and finding happiness within you. This is the building block for all others

2. Family and Friendship. Once you are on secure grounds you can reach out and help others.

3. Creativity and Freedom. Being able to express your wonderful uniqueness, know that most of the people my not get it. But that's ok, because if 90% of the world think is bad, but you live on a plant with about 7.6 billion people, then 740 million people think your stuff is great. Be yourself and you will connect with the right mix in that group of millions.

4. Ethics, Honesty, Integrity. The right way to be helpful is by being an example. I am starting to learn some things.

5. Diversity, Community, Empowerment. The world would be a better place if we work together, help each out, lift each other, and never try to hold some back.

Last One

6. Cooperation and Competition. Yes we need to work together to build a better world, but we as a species thrive on competition. Whether it's a video game, pie eating contest, or running billion dollar corporations. Challenging ourselves is not a bad thing. The bad part comes when you try to stop some else from competing or cheat to get ahead. But a competition where you challenge each other to become better and help and cooperate to see the the challenge is successful, even if your are the loser of the challenge, that is real success. So here is a challenge make 5 blog post that helps promote your personal brand and/or company brand, values, vision, and mission. Best of luck to you all.