Willo O'Brien

Creative Catalyst & Business Coach



Creating My Happy, Healthy, Creative, Connected Life

Here's my Plan + Purpose:

My purpose is to keep myself happy & healthy through the holidays. 

Every day I choose to show up and do *my* important work & feel ALIVE in my life, my body & my creativity. This means I make time to write every day, and I stay focused on spending a little time each day on creating the work I want to bring into this world. 

I am making a commitment to stay conscious of how I'm taking care of my body. Therefore I plan to move my body through a walk/hike, yoga or going to the gym 3x/week. 

I have said no to traveling home for Christmas this year, as a gift to myself. I will get to spend time with local family and friends, and create space to slow down, make healthy meals and enjoy being in my cozy home with my snuggly kitty. 

All of these things feed me in one or more of these areas: Physically, Emotionally/Socially, Mentally & Spirtually. My intention is to stay present and mindful of my energy levels in these areas, so that I may stay happy and healthy. 

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What's your plan & purpose for Staying Connected? 


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