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Creating Every Day


Sketchbook Magic, Day 1

I picked a black marker from my collected supplies. I love working with pen and ink, so I played with the same sensation of thick-and-thin black lines. It was so freeing to simply draw and explore with lines; I already feel more inspired to create more! 

I am a graphic design student hoping to be an illustrator and author, and looking for a bit of inspiration. I feel like I have so many ideas that I want to express, but I am holding myself back with excuses (it was nice to hear that others use the same excuses that I do), and just as in the video, it all goes back to fear. I am looking forward to having this little boost to get me out of my own head and get action!

Day 2


My favorite part of today's exercise was simply getting pen to paper and being free to explore. I also love the idea of creating a collection of prompts; I've set up a cookie jar to hold all my ideas! This will be the perfect way for me to get started on days when I have no starting point.

Embrace Your Art Challenge 

Day 1: Roots


Day 2: Place


Day 3


Day 4: Light


Day 5: Shadow


Day 6: Comfort



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