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Creating Drama with Light on a Snow Day

I decided to practice creating drama with light on a recent snow day because the light through a front window was perfect. Unfortunately, no one was around to model for me so I used a tripod and remote to make the most of the situation.  The focus in these pictures could be improved  - as well as the variety of poses - but overall I was satisfied with the way I was able to create contrasts. I hope to try this again soon with someone else as the model.


Here are my examples of over and under exposed images. It did take some time to find the right balance, and using a tripod defintely helped when long exposures were necessary.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

I selected these two images because I think they both have pretty decent compositions.

  • In the horizontal photo I like that the subject is flush to the right. There is still texture and enough color to make the photo feel balanced but the rest of the content doesn't take the focus away from the subject. I also like that the fold in the blanket mimics the placement of the arm.

  • In the vertical photo, I can't decide if I like the placement of the arms and how it is cropped, but I do appreciate that it provides a balance to the like background.

These are a few that I also liked, mainly for the dramatic contrast in light ( which helped to create a strong diagonal line in the first photo) and the ability to make the color of the shirt pop against a somewhat muted background.

This was a great class and I plan to continue to work on portrait photography and leveraging light to create drama and enhance the subject. Thanks! 


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