Creating Digital Daydream Portraits

Creating Digital Daydream Portraits - student project

This is what I've got so far for the November Teach Challenge. I'd love any feedback anyone has to offer. 

My class outline

Creating Digital Daydream Portraits

Want to add some magic to reality? Create something that captures you? 

In this class I'll be walking you through creating a digital portrait that adds a fantastical element to the faces in your life. Together, we'll learn about basic digital techniques that make drawing digitally simpler and more fun, as well as learning some ways to channel your creative energies into ideas and an end product that you can enjoy.

Daydream Portrait

Create a whimsical piece by incorporating elements of nature into a portrait.


Using the techniques discussed in the video create a portrait of you or someone you know that shows off their personality by incorporating natural elements.

Materials and Resources

  • Digital Drawing Program with layers. I use Clip Studio Paint. You can also use free programs like Krita and Gimp if you don't already have another program.
  • A drawing tablet. I use a Wacom Intuos Pen small drawing tablet. Using a mouse is possible but can be difficult.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • It can be as detailed or simplistic as you desire.
  • Show off your sketches and progress and get helpful feedback.
  • Have fun. Try to relax and use the time creating this as a fun learning experience. 
  • Don't forget to share the results with us along the way! Feel free to share at any step of the way.
Ashley Schaffer
Digital Artist