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Creating Depth: Leaf Doodle Painting

I used 5 out of 6 tools to create depth in my project: Size, Overlap, Placement, Color, and Detail. I'll try using Converging Lines soon!

I decided I'd draw something abstract. In the past year or so I've been doodling a lot and my doodles usually have a very "flat" look. Not that that's a bad thing, but it could be interesting to incorporate the ideas in this class to try new things with my doodles and with surface design and with other types of drawings. I've enjoyed this class. It has opened my mind up to new things!

First I made a pencil sketch, using leaf shapes of a larger size on the bottom of a page and a gradually smaller size towards the top of the page (placement on the page). The leaves in the "front" overlap the ones in the back. Then I went over it with black ink. The paper I used isn't so great with black ink directly, because the ink bleeds. But I did it anyway.

I added color using acrylic. I used white, pink, and a pinkish purple color, and a bit of black to make the background leaves a bit of a duller color. I chose the colors for the foreground leaves to be more vibrant and more contrasting with the leaves next to them, and the background leaves to be less vibrant and with less of a contrast with their neighboring leaves. 

Finally I added detail using a doodle pattern, which became less detailed the further back you went.

This was a fascinating class and one that I would love to apply to my future artwork.

Thank you, Donna, for this class!




I've been drawing some doodles for fun and for my doodle art class, and it seems that I've had converging lines on my mind without even knowing it!



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