Creating Beautiful Surface Patterns Using Hand-Drawn Techniques

Creating Beautiful Surface Patterns Using Hand-Drawn Techniques - student project

This class from Brazilian designer Daniela Rodrigues will provide students with a step-by-step guide to create "All-Over" graphic prints for use in fashion, interior design or stationary.

Daniela will first provide an overview about surface pattern creation, including terminology, creation process and applications in the real world.

 In the following classes, Daniela will cover print ideation, which is how a designer can search for inspiration and "visual clues" to form his/her initial design ideas.

Next, Daniela will guide students in creation of the initial pattern elements using hand-drawn techniques with various media, primarily Copic markers, watercolors, ink pens or colored pencils.

The course will then cover how to digitalize illustrations and transform them into beautiful all-over patterns using Photoshop.

Lastly, Daniela will discuss strategies when applying patterns to textiles, such as sizing, coloration, and printing techniques.