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Bagus Wahyudi, S. Kom.

Animator 3D, Web Development & Online Teacher



Creating Bagong Character in Blender 3D - Series Modeling

This tutorial titled "Creating Bagong Character in Blender 3D - Modelling Series". In this tutorial we will describe some of the techniques makes puppet characters Bagong blender. In this tutorial after we finished making cumbersome models, we will discuss texturing a model we make. Hopefully this guide can help you in making the character puppet Bagong the Blender 3D software.

Table of contents :

    0. Introduction
    1. Preparation
    2. Adjustment of Shape Character
    3. Create Bagong Head Part 1
    4. Create Bagong Head Part 2
    5. Improve Nose And Make Tongue
    6. Making Eyes at Character
    7. Creating Vertex Eyebrow and Tidy
    8. make Blangkon Hair and Accessories Head
    9. Making Accessories Hands
    10. Making Navel or Udel Bagong
    11. Making Clothes Bagong
    12. make pants and Kemben on Character
    13. make Pedicure
    14. Texturing Part 1
    15. Texturing Part 2
    16. Texturing Part 3
    17. BONUS: to make the teeth on Character


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