Creating A Mood Board To Brand Your Business

Creating A Mood Board To Brand Your Business - student project

About This Class

Lori Youngblood is an entrepreneur and has a passion to help small business and home business owners get their voice heard through online marketing. One of the first steps to marketing your business online is to brand yourself. In this class, Lori will show you how to create a mood board to visually represent your brand. 

Mood boards are often referred to as vision boards. A mood board is extremely useful for establishing the aesthetic feel of a business or brand.  Mood boards include photography, color palettes, typography, patterns, and the overall look and feel of the brand. A collage of colors, textures and pictures is all it takes to evoke a specific style or feeling.

Once you have a mood board you are able to visually see the overall aesthetic of your brand and make better decisions about your content and marketing. 

What You Will Learn:

What is a mood board?

Why do you need one?

What to include in your mood board.

How to use free online software to create your mood board.

Creating A Mood Board To Brand Your Business - image 1 - student project