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Creategy Brand Identity

The brand I'll be working on is my personal brand, it's not a company, but it is who I want to be/become as a designer. I'm very new to design and Creategy is what I want to bring to the market when I get to a point that I'm confident enough to freelance. I've enjoyed this class so far simply because it required me to ponder how I want to develop as a designer.  For the purpose of this project, I have named my brand Creategy. I drafted a questionnaire and creative brief template (that I plan to refine and make more pretty at a later date) for use with future clients. Here is the logo for Creategy:

I really like them both, but I think the orange color scheme might be the one I go with. 

Here is my Creative Brief: is my mood board:

My new color palette:

My new logo(s):

Pretty sure I'm going to go with the blue background. I'd love feedback about which logo looks more like a yin yang. 

Updated Creative Brief: 

Updated Mood Board:

Updated logo:

So glad Courtney recommended Evan Huwa's logo class. I'm new to design and Evan's class provided me with some guidance and the confidence I needed to follow my simplistic idea. I never thought I would want my logo in black and white, but this revamp has made me a B&W believer! 

Updated Color Combos:

I started by researching which colors represented my 4 tone words. I came up with:

Simple- Ivory & Beige Optimism- Yellow Balance- Green Harmony-Blue

From there I used Kuler and searched for palettes made by other users that were tagged with my Tone words. I favorited the palettes I like best and then created my own custom combos. I like the bottom combination the best. 


The logo already contains Montserrat and Wisdom Script, which I will use for display. I paired at least 16 different fonts, only to come up with the combo I knew I'd love (should've followed my first mind). Quaver serif & sans serif were exactly what I needed. I tried out different hierarchies with Montserrat and Wisdom Script and paired them with Quaver Serif (top 2 layouts) and Quaver Sans-Serif (bottom 2 layouts). Since this is a personal project I decided to use some text from my creative brief, but I did try out little ipsum and I'm sure it will come in handy for projects that don't have text readily available. I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying this process and learning sooo much! :-)

A pattern I'm exploring:

A few of the graphic language elements I made. The patterns may be too whimsical, but I had fun making them. I like the chessboard and the icons. The other two patterns aren't necessary simple, so I may not go with those. 

I have compiled my entire project into a pdf and I'm so pleased with the progression. I won't load the final presentation because most of the pieces are already posted here in some form or another. Here are some final shots that aren't shown above:

Link to my PDF:


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