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Charis DeRemer



Created by Charis

10/30/13: I'm not completely done with my "fishy luv" design, but am feeling pretty close and wanted to post my progress so here it is. I need to do some finishing touches on the painting as I'm not entirely happy with the look of the bubbles that make the heart and I think a few other spots just need a little more sprucing up too before its done. I am also not happy with the font and how my text looks, and not exactly sure how I'll fix that, but just wanted to "mock it up" for now...

Also 10/30/13: Here's the beginnings of my "deer & birthday cake" card painting. I have been starting my images out by painting in gouache on watercolor paper, and then scanning the paintings in and working digitally in the Corel Painter program to play with things and do my finishing touches. I'd say this guy is maybe halfway done right now...

10/14/13: I have been really bummed about how little time I've had to work on this project these last couple weeks. The deer and the fishies are currently in progress, but the only one I've been able to finish is my "fireworks birthday cake" (painted in gouache and then scanned and touched up digitally). I think I like it though! What do you guys think? :)

Original sketches: I went for the obvious symbol usage: cake/candles for birthday, heart for love, floral for thank you, and a relationship based animal charicature for friendship. I am mostly using animals as a theme to tie my designs together, but I am not doing animals for every single one. Is that ok? Will the set still look cohesive? I am hoping I can tie them all together stylistically and with similar color schemes to make up for that...

My birthday card #1 design, a baby deer eating a birthday cake (I'l probably put a frosting-rose on top of the cake... to add to the humor of a deer eating it?) :

My birthday card #2 design, a birthday cake with candles that are lighting off fireworks:My birthday card #3 design, a pufferfish puffed up and blowing out the candles on a birthday cake (I know I know, it doesn't make sense :) but I am hoping that it's humorous anyway...?) : My thank you card, a floral mixed with stars (one of only 2 of my cards not based on an animal design, is that ok?):My sketch for the love card (2 angelfish blowing bubbles underwater that meet and make a heart together):Here's my thumbnail sketch for the friendship card:Uploading my ideations/thumbnails... 


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