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Created 1 Habit So Far....

I plan to create another habit loop just havent fleshed out the details...but I did successfuly turn my drawing into a habit for an total of 31 days....I've very proud of that accomplishment...i just wish i did it sooner. 


Dear Past Self,

I did it!! Daily Drawing is now officially apart of my everyday existence. I always

pull inspiration from the world around me. I except mistakes that happen during the

process, learn from them and continue to grow with every drawing. I never leave home

without a sketchbook in hand. I'm now working to get myself out there..and gain a

little exposure in the world, so my art can be seen by many. I'm hoping to find a job I'll

actually enjoy. I also managed to add more productive habits in my life thanks to the

habit loop project. Doing that has allowed me to become more productive and waste

less and less time. I'm always working toward a goal. I'd like to thank myself for

finally taking initiative and making changes in my was well worth it and I

continue to benefit from it daily. Happy Arting.

Your Friend,
Future Self A Year from Now.


Dear Future Self,

     You Can Do This. It's Something you've Always Loved to do. You're just trying to remove the gaps of time in-between sessions. Time and consistency are your best friends. You Don't have to be perfect. You have your method of execution planned out. So just stick with it. Keep up the Good Work! Your Guaranteed to see results soon. In no time this will just be second nature and you won't have to think about doing it.

Sincerely, Your Past Self.


My Personality Type is:

Type 3: Rebel


Description: You instinctively dislike and resist expectations, rules, and rigid commitments. You usually don't even like the idea of living according to routines and habits, to the point that you will purposefully break your routines. People describe you as a "free spirit," and envy your spontaneity. Your strengths include forging your own path and thinking outside the box, but often your lack of structure becomes an obstacle to reaching your goals. 


Special instructions: The typical beliefs around habits are so wrong, contrarian thinking can be a huge asset. You are very likely to question the validity of these Habit Personality Types, the Habit Loop 2.0 model, and maybe even the whole concept of habit formation, but remember that you can still take away useful principles without swallowing it whole. Pay special attention to:

  • Selecting a target habit that you really believe in, not one you feel is imposed on you in any way (Keystone Habits lesson)
  • Formulating implementation intentions that affirm your independence (Implementation Intentions lesson)
  • Writing closers to counteract the powerful excuses you’re likely to employ (Closers lesson)
  • Choosing an accountability system that takes advantage of your love of proving others wrong (Accountability lesson)


Why did you sign up for this class?

I signed up for this class because I realized that I have a job. This is only $10 dollars a month. Which is nothing because I guarantee I waste more month then that in a month. Although I'm normally skeptic about paying for any online courses. I realize that I am horrible at managing my time. I've read lots of productivity articles, written out tons of lists especially in my sketchbook, but the one thing I could never really find, that I "think" I need is accountablilty. Ultimately I want to be more productivity and life and quit wasting away my time. I know have potential but need an extra push...i guess.

What Am I looking for?

To better manage my time but to keep it simple, I'll focus on planning to draw everyday for a set amount of time. 

What has been your most consistent good habit in the past?

My most consistent goals ever in life, where always working out/exercising. During my sophmore summer in high school I did push-ups almost everyday for the 3 months of summer and missed only like 3 days. A few summers back I started working out and kept it up for about 2 months almost everyday, missed about 3 days or so, my goal was to focus on triceps and get bigger arms, but stopped because I got sick. After that I started to do the Insanity Workout but I randomly got my wisdom teeth pulled and never got back into it after my teeth healed. Since then I feel I have given up on creating any habits because I know the end result will be me quitting in the middle. 


Things that could hinder my progress with this project:

Lack of Control Loophole - "This is out of your control"

Planning to Fail Loophole- "I'm going to lie in my bed so I can brainstorm ideas in comfort" , "I can't focus at work.", "I woke up late, and can't find time to draw at work."

Questionable Assumption Loophole - "I'm not home, so I can't start."

One Coin Loophole - "What Difference will one day make?"

Risk Factors

  • Staying up too late. 
  • Waking up late and going straight to work.
  • Surfing the Internet or Watching Youtube Videos.
  • Not Having a Sketchbook around. 
  • Not being Home.
  • Having an messy environment
  • Forgetfulness
  • Laziness

Note: Since removing my Ipad from my drawing space is part of my plan, the IOS Reporter app will not work for me,  an alternative to tracking my risk factors is using !!

**Be sure to update Risk Factors as they appear**


"The Best way to improve your self-control is to understand how and why you lose control" - Kelly McGonigal


My Progress in this Project!!


PAGE 2 after completing the habit loop. 




  • DAY 1 [November 13th, 2014] - Successful
  • DAY 2 - Successful
  • DAY 3 - Successful 
  • DAY 4 - Successful
  • DAY 5 - Successful
  • DAY 6 - Successful 
  • DAY 7 - Successful
  • DAY 8 - Successful
  • DAY 9 - Successful
  • DAY 10 - Successful
  • DAY 11 - Successful
  • DAY 12 - Successful
  • DAY 13 - Successful
  • DAY 14 - Successful
  • DAY 15 - Successful
  • DAY 16 - Successful
  • DAY 17 - successful 
  • DAY 18 - Successful 
  • DAY 19 - Successful
  • DAY 20 - Successful
  • DAY 21 - Successful 

[Last Day is December 3rd, 2014] - ("Don't Forget about Page 2 in the HabitLoop PDF.")

Bonus Days 

DAY 10 - Successful 

DAY 9 - Successful

DAY 8 - Successful

DAY 7 - Successful

DAY 6 - Successful 

DAY 5 - Successful 

DAY 4 - Successful

DAY 3 - Successful 

DAY 2 - Succesful 

DAY 1 - Successful 

End Date - Dec. 13th, 2014 


       ************[Add 10 bonus days at the end of this to exceed 30]

                            [they say after doing anything for 30days in a row, its a habit]

                                     [so 31 is even better.]**********

         -+-+-Once you complete this project look into other projects on this site.-+-+-


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