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Create your own photography project: Give the camera a purpose

This is the idea for my first class: 

Create your own photography project: Give the camera a purpose

In this class I will show you the process I go through within my photographic projects: when I choose a topic or subject and I develop a series about it.

I want to encourage you to create your own project. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, it’s always good to think about what’s around you or what interests you enough to work on it through photography.

A photography project can help you discover something you didn’t know about yourself or about a particular subject. It also can be a way to share with people through images something you love, like, hate, etc. The possibilities are endless. Anything can be meaningful if it is highlighted in the right way.

Here you have the link to my Video Lesson Outline

What do you need for this lesson:

  • Any camera: from your phone camera to an SLR if you have one. That is up to you!
  • Editing software. You can download a trial version of Adobe Photoshop or/and Adobe Lightroom, these are the softwares I am more familiar with. However, if you don’t want to, any simple editing program works for this lesson (including phone apps).
  •  Explore what interests you the most, whatever it is.



Create a serie of images from 5 to 10 about the topic you’ve chosen. 

Things to have in mind:

  • There has to be a unity on topic or form on the serie of photographs.
  • Each of them has to bring something new to the project you have chosen.
  • Decide if those images need to have any type of title or text. You can use other resources to add something to the story.
  • Share the process with us in the project area. You can edit your project whenever you want. First of all: share your idea with your classmates, tell us about your fears, your hopes, etc. Other peoples experiences or feedback can help you brainstorm.


Guidence to choose a topic:

Think about what you have around; your own house, your housemates, your neighborhood, the sports team you are part of, the forest near your house or the busy streets of the city. All those things can be the perfect focus for your project. And many others.

If you prefer to take photos of something you don’t know, GO FOR IT!
In the past I have used photography as an excuse to get to know people. For example, to know more about some professions, like musicians and dancers.
Think about any question you would like to ask to anyone, and photography can give you the perfect excuse to actually go for it. 

Don’t get overwhelmed, choose anything you want. Your project can even be a series of objects you have in your room. The assignment just consists in a set of images that are related to each other somehow.

I hope this explanation about the class is clear enough and people engage with the class. I would really appreciate your feedback.


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