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Create your own gorgeous watercolour bookmarkers

In this class, I want to teach the basics of watercolour (or aquarelle) while showing how to make simple but gorgeous bookmarks. 

At the end of the class, the student will have basic knowledge about the medium watercolour and how to use it. They will also have made a series of beautiful bookmarks.  

Included in this class will be a downloadable cheatsheet to extra tip and tricks for watercolour!


Create you won watercolour bookmarks 

  • Create a background in watercolour using the colour theory and technics learned and upload a photo to your project
  • Create a pattern or illustration in watercolour on the dried background using the techniques and upload another photo and explain your inspiration. 
  • Cut the paper into individual book markers  
  • Create extra decoration to one of the bookmarks and attach ribbon  
  • Upload a picture of the end product! 

Class video outline here

introduction video

And finally the end product. 

"Create your own gorgeous watercolour bookmarks"


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