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Karin Fast

pattern design



Create repeating patterns with inkscape

Class description:

Learn how to create a reapeating pattern using the open source design software inkscape. Inkscape is a very powerful free vector design software which you can use to create repeating patterns. In this class I will walk you through the basic tools you need to learn to create repeating patterns with inkscape. While the tools will be specific to inkscape, the principles of creating a repeating pattern apply to other design software as well. So if you use a different software (such as illustrator), and are learning about pattern design, you’re very welcome to join the class as well!

Project description:

In three bite size assignments you will first put into practice what you learn in each lesson, and then use what you’ve learned to create a half-drop repeating pattern with your own artwork.


First assignment:

set up a new document (800 x 1000 px), create six different kinds of shapes, change scale, rotation, fill and stroke. - share a screenshot in your project.

Second assignment:

Duplicate and move the shapes you created to make a repeating pattern, follow the principles outlined in this lesson and in the PDF principles of a repeating pattern to line up the elements on the borders of your document. Duplicate your repeating square to create a pattern with nine repeats. - share a screenshot in your project.

Third assignment:

Using your own imported artwork, create a repeating pattern (either a simple repeat, half-drop or half-brick). Remember to think about things like design flow, change size and rotation of objects, work with colour.


  • Blog post about using memories and locations as inspiration for pattern design 
  • PDF explaining the tools used in this class – print it out as a handy reference as you learn to use inkscape
  • PDF the principles of a simple repeating pattern.
  • Website explaining inkscape tools and functions

link to class outline:


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