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Create new memories

I recently started a new project with a friend (On July 1) where we have choosen a 31 playlist.
Every day of the month, an experiment will come out to see the moonlight. New movements to unrust minds and hands. (The list divided by two).

First experiment was inspired by Ane Brun - Words.

I decided to work on the phrase: "Create new memories."

I won't show the first sketches, 'cause they are really horrible and standing under a banana's skin in the trash can.

So here are the final sketches and the result.

(This is the one i outlined to practice the thecnique on this curse)

And down here, "The first final result" Wich i like better in a vertical way.

And finally, added a high contrast look just for experimenting a bit more.

*I want to add, that i always had troubles with digitalizing lettering sketches. Actually, this is the first one i do like this. Thank's for the techniques Spencer.

I also realized with this project, that everything can be achieved, with dedication.
(How the heck did i forget that?) Well, i remember now : ]


I would love to recieve some feed back, creative people!

Franz Vanek.   -   to find the rest of this july project.

(It will be updated every week)


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